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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation in WaterordExperts at attic insulation Co. Waterford. The attic is one of the most important areas of a house to have effective insulation. Heat has a natural tendency to rise and will therefore escape out through ceilings if allowed. It is estimated that a house can lose 30-40% of its heat through the attic roof.

Replacing or installing new attic insulation in Waterford makes great savings in the winter months. Most houses in Waterford only have a thin layer of fibre glass attic insulation which is nowhere near sufficient to retain the heat from below. With a large percentage of that heat escaping, the heating must be kept on longer to retain a comfortable temperature in the home. A well insulated home can save can save up to €500 per year by upgrading the insulation in the attic area.



Expert Roofers can prevent heat loss by upgrading attic insulation in new and existing houses. Our experienced team can update homes to the highest insulation standards ensuring a warm and well insulated home through the cold winter months.

By using Rockwool Rockprime Blown Insulation and Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool, the attic area is covered with a 250mm-300mm layer of high quality attic insulation. This will help prevent the heat from escaping, keeping the house warmer and less prone to drafts.

Rockwool Rockprime Blown Attic Insulation

is a high quality and high performance insulating product. Rockwool is a very durable product made from rock and will not decrease in depth over periods of time. As this product is pumped into attic spaces, it has the ability to fill every possible void or gap allowing no heat to escape. Rockwool is quicker to install than traditional attic insulation products and with little disturbance to the home. Our team always follows the required steps to provide the highest quality attic insulating to homes

Knauf Ecose Mineral Wool Insulation

Knauf Ecose Mineral Wool is a newly developed product which provides the very highest standard of insulation without the itchiness of conventional fibreglass products. The layers of Knauf Mineral Wool is rolled out in the attic space between the joists and over the joists. Knauf Mineral Wool comes available in the depths of 200mm, 150mm and 100mm and it can be installed to the desirable level. If no insulation exists and more than 200mm is needed, we then use two layers of insulation to ensure a proper covering.


Here are some of the steps our team will follow when using insulation:

Our team will examine the attic space and decide on the level of insulation that is needed. We will normally recommend that the attic insulation be brought up to 300mm. If 100mm of fibreglass is already in the attic, we will roll over this insulation to give a further 200mm.

Our team will roll out one layer (if no insulation already exists) between the timber joists on the floor of the attic area. These are to be tightly fitted in place between the timbers.

We then use another layer of mineral wool over the timber joists bringing the level of insulation up to the 300mm depth.

Insulating tank jackets and covers are fitted to the water tanks in the attic to help protect from freezing in cold conditions. Pipe lagging is also added to protect the pipes from freezing.

*All work carried out by Expert Roofers is done in accordance with SEAI requirements